About Whisper Electric Mopeds and Vehicles

Whisper Electric Mopeds and Vehicles is a supplier of electric scooter and electric bikes based in the United Kingdom. We offer excellent electric mopeds to all, and we have more than 17 years experience and expertise in supplying powered vehicles. Our parent company Nanny M's Mobility Scooters was founded by our director who gave his mother a mobility scooter. When he saw the freedom it provided, our director decried to open the business in his mother’s memory; this is reflected in our customer service.

Why Go Electric?


Electric mopeds are eco-friendly and they emit zero CO2 emissions. This makes them road tax-exempt as well as reducing your own carbon footprint.

No Road Tax or Congestion Charge

Your electric moped is exempt from road tax and congestion charges due to its zero CO2 emissions. This makes it perfect for travelling in major cities such as London, and the rest of this great nation. There are also no noise or horrible smells.

Road Legal

Our electrical mopeds and motorcycles are road legal, and some are similar to a normal 50cc moped. Simply twist the throttle and off you go.

Easy Charging

Recharging your electrical moped is very easy and simple. Just plug you’re the vehicle into a standard 240-volt socket. With ever-increasing demand for electric vehicles, the infrastructure is already in place in most shopping centres and car parks across the UK.

Cheap to Run

Our products are incredibly cheap to run; costing only pennies per full charge. This makes costly trips to petrol stations a thing of the past.

100% Reliable

With no moving engine parts, there is very little to go wrong on your new vehicle. Leave oil changes and maintenance bills behind by choosing an electric moped.

After-Sales Service

We make a promise to our customers with our 4 point guarantee. This includes:

• 12 Months RTB Warranty on All Products
• Guaranteed Quailty
• After-Sales Care
• Full Servicing in the United Kingdom and Europe

Further Details

• We’re Able to Provide Next Day Delivery
• We Have Credit and Debit Card Facilities

• We offer 0% finance available 

Call us today for more information on our electric mopeds.